The program

Virtual Sessions

Face-to-face webcam counseling sessions weekly or bi-weekly provide exceptional guidance on the road to weight loss. All you need is a computer or tablet and wifi to begin counseling from the comfort of your home!

Tracking Gadgets

Each client is outfitted with a fitness tracker (i.e. FitBit or Jawbone), bluetooth scale to record daily weights, and all the apps needed to track activity and meals through the duration of the program! These items are shipped directly to your door!

Professional Review

Michelle logs in and reviews your exercise, eating, and sleeping activity each week. This allows for a customized approach to each counseling session and an unmatched level of accountability throughout the program!

Meet Michelle

She believes that weight loss isn’t about diets or quick fixes. It’s about developing the lasting habits and lifestyle changes that lead to long term success.

Losing weight is a science that she knows very well, having graduated from Cornell University with a Nutritional Sciences degree and completing a Dietetic Internship at Harvard’s Teaching Hospital, Mount Auburn Hospital, en route to becoming a Registered Dietitian.

Michelle spent time near her home in Upstate New York working with eating disorders and weight management. She then made her way back to Boston to counsel patients on weight loss at Tufts Medical Center Weight and Wellness Center, a widely recognized weight loss clinic.

Pureats was born with the mission to provide customized virtual weight loss counseling that works. Through her experiences she has learned the importance of a balanced approach to weight loss and the need for frequent check-ins and visits. Communicate with Michelle from the comfort of your home and get started today!